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Help A Girl Play —

Seeing all those amazing athletes in the Women’s World Cup of Soccer in Canada in 2015 got me thinking. What can we do that is easy enough to undertake with benefits for girls? The answer was to spread soccer balls throughout the world! Well sort of.
I connected with One World Play and met Emily. I had already connected with Sarah from a group called Women Win. Emily has these amazing durable never-need-a-pump soccer balls and Sarah has a network of pro-women pro-empowerment organizations in places like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and so on. They deliver workshops to girls and women to build things like esteem, community, and a sense of ‘we can do this.’ Wonderfully, they deliver soccer balls as part of their empowerment workshops. The idea is they deliver the workshop then leave the balls behind so ‘girls can play.’
I wanted to be a part of that so in June 2015 I launched a fundraising campaign and thanks to people like you, we raised over 100 balls.
Below are reports of where these balls were distributed to along with photos.
Now we are doing it again. Why? because 100 balls donated won’t help all the girls that could be out playing. If they just had a soccer ball.
To participate in our current campaign, it is SO EASY. Just click here.
pic from webpage Jan 2016

Current campaign

We are running a campaign to deliver more durable soccer balls to girls. Click here to read more / take action on our campaign page.
Help a Girl Play 2015

Dec 2015 update

During this Christmas Season I am filled with gratitude. Again I want to thank you for your support for “2015 The Year of Women in Sport” and “Play it Forward”, the campaign to raise hope and awareness for girls and women. Many of you chose to participate and also donate to reduce violence to girls and women.
I received an update from Women Win, one of several international organizations finding creative ways to support young people in distant locations playing soccer.
By engaging youth and young adults with soccer (football), esteem is built and social skills are fostered.
Many of you donated to buy the durable soccer balls (designed to play in rocky places). Again a big THANK YOU for making a difference.

Here is an update from Tina & Sarah at Women Win:

“Hi Linda,

Hope all is well. Please find attached a few pictures of the balls in action!

The first is from Mercy Corps Africa, at a workshop in Morocco. The second two are from a workshop here in Amsterdam with Favela Girls, that the balls were used at and then donated to afterward. The last one is from HODI in Kenya, who have also received balls from this campaign.

We anticipate some more balls arriving at our partners at the end of this week, so will send some more photos as soon as we can!”

Again thank you for all your support and giving girls and chance to play!
The best to you in 2016.

~ Linda

Help a Girl Play 2015

Aug 2015 Update – Our Soccer Balls go to Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia

Extra durable balls donated by you and others during the Women’s World Cup of Soccer back in June/July have arrived to young women gathered in Lagos, Nigeria.
The Youth Empowerment Foundation in Nigeria, in conjunction with our collaborator, Women Win, came together to host a Digital Storytelling (DST) Workshop. As part of this workshop, soccer balls were donated. Sarah Murray, Director of Women Win, wrote me “we conducted a storytelling training a couple weeks ago. Participants were from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.” They received some of the 103 balls we raised together during June and July.
Thank you everyone who donated. We will keep sharing updates as they come to us.
Please visit The Youth Empowerment Foundation in Nigeria and Women Win to learn more about their good work inspiring youth, particularly girls and women, to realize their potential.
Thank you.
~ Linda
my campaign screen shot June 2015

July 2015 – You did it!

Thank you to the donors who made our campaign happen. Below is the listing of our success from our campaign page and the list of donors. Again a big HEARTY THANK YOU.
campaign recap 103 for 3090 girls

donors screenshot 1

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